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Show Off Your Blog, Send a Postcard!
comment 5 Comments November 18, 2007 – 7:48 pm

send a postcard just like this one. get creative. the sky is the limit! the address is real; that’s where you’ll be sending out your postcards. snail mail meets the internet age!

This is my shout-out to all of you my visiting readers. I have a new project I’m currently working on over at The Poscard Collector. The idea is pretty simple and easy to accomplish. Simply send a postcard with your blog name and URL on it. If you got time and space, you may write more like what the blog is all about or any message to the world wide web! If you are a postcard collector, we can exchange postcards! If you are a blogger, I will feature and link your blog to mine! Be part of what could turn into something substantial later.

The Postcard Collector is two-weeks old and already it has drawn a lot of hits more than this month old blog! Oh and I didn’t even mention that in the spirit of fun and surprises, I’m giving out $5.00 via paypal to the first 10 people to send a postcard. In 25 postcards increment, I will give $5.00 to the 25th, 50th, 75th and so on postcard I receive. As long as I’m getting postcards, I will keep sending that $5.00! There are restrictions and ‘rules’ as in all projects, please go over the site now to read more… See you at the other side! :-)

Note: The picture of the Sinigang collage on the postcard is lifted from the food writings of Umami blog. All photo credit goes to the author. Check out his site for mouth-watering, appetizing dishes! This will lead you to his main blog.

Your Photos on Real Postage

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5 Responses to “ Show Off Your Blog, Send a Postcard! ”

  1. Hello Mae, do come and visit. i have a meme waiting for you :)

    Here’s the link

    Thanks again :)

    By black_mamba on Nov 19, 2007 | Reply
  2. Hi Mae,

    With a little delay, you are added in my Women Power links at LinkyLove :-)

    STill invisting you for the free with your 2 blogs, so you can become blog of the weekend :-)



    By Linky Love on Nov 20, 2007 | Reply
  3. Hi LL: I’ve left a note over at your site! Thank you much for adding me in your roll! -mae :-)

  4. Hi Mae,

    Wow you are great :-)

    Meanwhile you are approved with your other blog in our free toplist directory and I am working on you being a featured user of my $10 toplist as well :-)

    Follow it up and let me know if you see something that you would like to see improved.


    By Linky Love on Nov 22, 2007 | Reply
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